gives you control & visibility on your crypto finances.

We're taking it to the next level and turning it into software for finance professionals that's blazingly easy to use.


All the features you need to get started in minutes gives you control & visibility on your crypto finances.

Multi-transfer feature

PayMight Payroll supports many wage transfers with simple procedure for multiple employees.

Support ERC-20 token

PayMight Payroll support multiple chain, and provides the ability to transfer to ERC-20 tokens.

Crypto first, fiat friendly

Give your customers a choice. In addition to crypto, PayMight enables you to offer legacy payment options like credit cards and wire transfers.

Virtual Credit Card

Get corporate cards for your team and spend in USD from your crypto wallet.

Integrated Accounting

Wow your accounting team with cost basis, portfolio performance, and Quickbooks exports.

Monitor transactions

Monitor transactions in real-time with email notifications and team spending analytics.

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